The Five Benefits of an As-Built 2D Drawings Service

The Five Benefits of an As-Built 2D Drawings Service

Being in the construction industry, you already know how important accuracy is in completing projects. Whether it’s a residential property or a multi-storey building, you have to ensure that every measurement is documented correctly or you could risk losing valuable time and investment due to mistakes and errors.

But since manual surveying methods cannot guarantee you accurate measurements, this is when you can hire a measured building survey company that offers as-built 2D drawing service. Here’s why you should take the plunge:

1. You get to contain accurate measurements of a structure.

As built 2D plans are a set of drawings that a contractor needs to submit after a construction project is completed. These plans will reflect all the details of a structure including the walls, windows and doors, and they will provide you with all the geometry, dimensions and locations of each component within and outside a house or building site.

With the use of measured building survey and 3D Laser scanning equipment, an as-built 2D drawing service can obtain the most accurate measurements of your project and noting any changes made prior, during or after construction, which will be rendered through as built 2D floor plans, internal and external elevations, cross-sections and roof plans.

2. You get to minimize the risks without compromising results.

Traditional survey methods can open a risky territory since surveyors need to go on-site and bring various tools and equipment, while opening a chance of human error and minor mistakes through manmade measurements and collecting information.

But with Edinburgh 3D laser scanning services, you don’t have to think about these risks anymore because with a 3D laser scan, every single detail of a building will be captured and measured accurately, even those hard-to-reach areas or complex structure.

3D laser scanning is also ideal for sensitive environments because of its non-contact nature and non-invasive technique. This way, you can guarantee accurate measurements without putting your buildings and the team’s safety on the line.

3. You get incredible detail for your site and building project.

As built 2D plans offer some of the most incredible details for a building, which will help you before, within and after a construction project. Aside from the measurements, these as built 2D AutoCAD drawings also document the modifications that were made in the building, which will serve as a point of comparison for architects, engineers and designers for future projects.

If you look at one of these plans, you’ll see that different colours are used to take note of any additions, deletions or changes that were made within a structure.
That is why as built 2D drawings are required after a project is completed so authorities will know if the structure is still compliant with building standards.
Working with an as-built 2D drawings service also guarantees that the same scales and measurements are used throughout all the as-built drawings even if they’re reflected on different sheets, making them easier to compare with each other.

4. You get to save time and money.

Instead of doing everything on your own, which could be time consuming and expensive, hiring a 3D laser scanning Edinburgh company will help you cut down your surveying costs significantly.

These professionals don’t only have the best 3D laser scanners to take the most accurate measurements of your building, but they also used high-quality and well-known software programs to ensure that you’ll get your as built 2D plans in the quickest time possible.
This means that you don’t have to wait for manual renderings to be finished because an as built 2D drawing service can deliver results before you even know it.

5. You get a complete documentation of your building.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges for building owners is the fact that they don’t have an exact representation of their building after changes have been made to it. This will make it difficult to conduct maintenance and future refurbishments or expansions.

But when you invest in as built 2D plans, you will have complete documentation of your building with every single detail reflected in drawings that are easy to analyse. At Edinburgh Measured Survey, we deliver floor plans, internal and external elevations, cross-section, site plans and roof plans. This will make the job of your architect, designer, engineer and contractor a lot easier than if they’re working with inaccurate or outdated as-built 2D plans.

So, if you are ready to work with a company that can offer you top quality as built 2D drawings service, get in touch with one of the best 3D laser scanning Edinburgh practices in town today.


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