What are the key benefits of a topographical survey service?

What Are The Key Benefits of a Topographical Survey Service?

Have you considered using topographical survey drawings to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of your construction project? Topographical surveys use a mix of 3D laser scanning technology such as 3D laser scanners, GPS and Total Station to ensure that your construction site – and the land surrounding it – are accurately captured ready for planning with confidence. They can be used in environmental projects, construction projects, drainage design and more.

Why should I request a topographical survey?

The primary reason why a topographical survey is so critical is because it gives you an idea of what you are working with. It’s not just a single area! Rather, it’s a complete map of the site. This means that you’re going to know exactly where everything is in relation to one another, which is incredibly helpful when trying to lay out a plan for your project. Land surveys to this scale are hyper-accurate and therefore reliable for complex planning requests.

Topographical surveys also provide you with information about the land on the property itself. You may need this if you want to build something new, but you don’t necessarily know how much space you’ve got to work with. A topographical survey might give you an idea of whether there’s any room to expand in a particular area. In addition, you might learn where some existing structures are located, which could make them easier to locate during construction. The latest in 3D laser scanning technology, too, can give you a clear idea of what you’re working with.

When should I get a topo survey?

Reaching out for a topographical survey is vital if you require accurate data to help make firm decisions on wide-scale construction projects. Complex land surveys, undertaken by professionals with leading tools, will provide you with immense confidence and insight into the land surrounding your project – which you may not necessarily have access to from the ground alone.

Topographical surveys are extremely useful from the standpoint of a contractor or architect, as well. If you have a client who wants to add a second story onto their building, but hasn’t actually taken measurements yet, a topographical survey would allow you to get these exact measurements and help you lay things out before you start digging up the land. It would show you where everything is supposed to go.

Topographical surveys can help save time, effort and money. The more accurate the data you work with, the less need there is for amendment and for rectifying human error. Laser scanning helps to generate comprehensive data that you can use to propel projects forward, and to ensure that your end users and clients receive data when they demand it. Time is money, after all!

Is a topographical survey essential?

Modern laser scanning survey standards such as topo surveys are becoming more and more relied upon in the modern age. That’s because, as demand for accuracy and efficiency increases, builders, architects and designers need access to firm answers as soon as physically possible. To keep up with demand, accuracy and efficiency delivery are key! It cuts construction costs tremendously, and saves you a great deal in time and labour.

If you are interested in land surveys and feel that topo laser scanning may help you get a better grasp of the land you are working with, be sure to call Edinburgh Measured Survey today – we’re here to help and deliver!


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