3D BIM Model Service

Optimised 3D BIM Revit Models

View, track and manage your building project without having to be there with our as-built 3D BIM Model service. We provide a realistic 3D model representing the existing building through Revit software.

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Accurate Representation

Access an accurate representation of your existing building through our 3D BIM Model service, no matter the complexity and size.

Save Time

No need to spend cost and time visiting your building and site project through our 3D Models, we capture the essence of your project so you can work on it anytime.

Latest Technology

To ensure you receive fantastic 3D Models, we use the latest equipment such as FARO laser scanner, Total stations or GPS, as well as Revit Software.

Experienced Team

Our professional team has many years of experience creating 3D BIM Models for all scales, sizes and complex buildings.

3D Building Information Modelling in Edinburgh

3D BIM is the turnkey solution for optimised management and better collaboration when tracking you buildings lifecycle. Our experienced team specialises in 3D BIM Models, ensuring you receive amazing data which is realistic and replicates your building.

Trustworthy technology to get the job complete

Edinburgh Measured Survey uses Autodesk Revit software when delivering you as-built 3D BIM Models. You receive excellent 3D models, with 360 virtual-imagery, easy to access and share across your team.


3D Modelling through Laser Scanning

Find the most reliable 3D BIM Models in Edinburgh by calling our 3D Laser Scanning company. Visit our service and enquire now!