Area Measurement Survey

Area and Land Measurement Services

Area and land measurements help determine the accurate size and scale of your building project or plot of land. Our surveyors provide complete area measurement and area referencing solutions from city offices to industrial parks, properties and high street retail spaces. Our 3D laser scanning company assures you of an accurate report of property and field measurements.

Benefits of Our Area and Land Measurement

Accurate Measurements

We provide highly accurate area measurements in a format of an independent and assignable measured area report you can rely upon. Files can be given as individual plans, PDF reports, and in DWG.

Reliable Data

We present very reliable data from independent measured surveys that meet the latest standards, including the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) and the RICS Code of Measuring Practice.

Swift Turnaround

Receive optimised property measurements from our swift, flexible, and efficient services and experienced professionals.

Advanced Technology

We capture precise data using the latest and leading 3D laser scanning technology. Our high-quality surveying equipment will deliver the level of detail you require for your area or land measurement needs.

Importance of Our Area and Land Measurement Report

The valuation, leasing, acquisition, marketing or disposal of a building or plot of land requires an accurate calculated area statement for various cost and legal reasons. Our company utilises measured building survey equipment and techniques such as laser scanning technology, total stations and traditional tape measures to create accurate area surveys, ensuring unbiased and reliable information to our clients. Depending on the client’s specific requirements, various types of area calculations are available.

What You Receive in Our Survey Reports

Edinburgh Measured Survey uses laser scanning technology to measure all types of buildings and plots, from high street retail outlets, residential gardens and warehousing to large-scale sites, no matter the size or complexity. Our land and area measurement reports provide detailed and accurate information that enable building and plot owners, tenants, funders, purchasers, and vendors alike to make an informed decision regarding their assets, thus, saving cost and time.

Mark Roberts
My architectural firm requested an as-built survey at Edinburgh Measured Survey. Very efficient and responsive customer service. We enjoyed working with you guys! Surveyors are totally professional and accurate. Results received on time in high quality. Many thanks!
Rachel White
Our construction company needed CAD drawings for our client’s project. We hired Edinburgh Measured Survey to complete this job. Incredibly professional surveyors, accurate drawings! Highly recommended!
Richard Close
Edinburgh Measured Survey team is always professional and goes beyond expectations. We did several complex projects with them and it was always a pleasure to work together. Highly recommended.
Paul Elliott
My engineering company has worked with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a complicated heritage project. Edunburgh Measured Survey team anticipated all of our requirements at a very high and professional standard! Received drawings were clear and delivered on time. I’d happily recommend them to everybody!
Olivia Bennet
We have been working with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a large restoration project. This team is a pleasure to work with. Very organized and professional. They exceeded our expectations.
Amelia Taylor
These guys are very professional and have reasonable prices. They have finished the survey on time and to an agreed schedule, very happy with their work, would highly recommend them!
Harry Williams
I’ve been using Edinburg measured survey in a professional capacity for over a year now, more than pleased by their quality and flexibility.


Our surveyors are experts in the field of area measurements. Contact our team today to receive your accurate and detailed area measurement report.