Drone Survey Services

Drone Survey Services

Receive a drone survey service which is dependable and trustworthy to complete your roof inspections and scanning of restricted and complex areas of land. Our 3D laser scanning company provides you with complete solutions to any project you may have.

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Latest Technology

We use the drone model DJI Phantom 4 Pro to deliver quality scanning and 3D surveys, along with advanced photogrammetry software.

Save Effort

Our drone surveys save you the trouble and effort when trying to scan a limited or restricted area. With aerial surveying, we complete project which are complex.

Great Detail

Request as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models when completing a drone survey. You will receive results with great detail and accurate measurements.

Save Cost

This service will allow you to save time and cost, providing easy and simple solutions for roof inspections and land surveys.

The Benefits of Drone Surveying

Drone surveying allows you to complete 3D aerial mapping, aerial photography, aerial filming and aerial roof inspections. With our advanced photogrammetry software, our professional team takes a series of aerial pictures for 3D surveys, creating a geo-referenced Point Cloud, 3D Model or Orthomosaic.

Why use this service?

You will receive accurate and detailed deliverables which showcases the results from your roof inspection or complete land survey. Allow Edinburgh Measured Survey to produce your as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models through drone technology today.


Drone Surveys & Roof Inspection

Call us now or complete our online booking form to schedule your aerial drone survey today. Receive fantastic results showcasing all features and access to restricted areas with this service.