Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

Complete a large scale laser scanning service using a handheld portable 3D Laser scanner today in Edinburgh. Large Scale Laser scanning is the swift and efficient solution you require to complete an interior or exterior survey today.

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Simple Solution

Receive a large scale scanning service today to create as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models of a large interior or exterior space.

Affordable Approach

We provide the accuracy of measured building surveys while saving you cost through thorough scanning using the portable laser scanner.

High-quality technology

Our handheld laser scanner is reliable and trustworthy. Data captured is transferred into well-known software to create amazing results for your as-built plans and 3D models.

Reliable Deliverables

With our portable laser scanner, we capture all physical features to scan, process secure 3D Point cloud and import to AutoCAD and Revit software for your trustworthy 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models, ready to use.

Surveying Large Scale spaces in Edinburgh

Receive reliable 3D point cloud in colour or greyscale with our handheld 3D Laser scanner. Our surveyors scan the space and capture all interior or exterior features to create detailed plans and measurements for the client to archive.

Portable Laser Scanning vs Measured Survey

This service is for clients who require an efficient yet fast solution to scan a large-scale room or exterior. Our high-resolution capture will obtain information precisely and allow you to use highly detailed point cloud to produce deliverables which help your project.


Our Handheld Service

Receive your large scale scanning service today by contacting our team of surveyors via phone or online. You enquire, and we deliver!