We provide detailed as-built 2D plans including:

    • Floor plans
    • External elevations
    • Internal elevations
    • Sections
    • Roof plans
    • Site plans

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      Trustworthy Measured Building Surveyors in Edinburgh

      At Edinburgh Measured Survey, we are committed to delivering high-quality measured building surveys services swiftly and efficiently. Our experienced surveyors use the latest laser scanning technology and techniques to provide detailed and accurate measured surveys that help our clients make informed decisions about their projects. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you’ll receive detailed results including point cloud data, 2D CAD plans and 3D models.

      3D laser scanners

      Conducting Measured Building Survey

      Measured Building Survey Process and Uses

      Our measured building survey service creates a detailed building plan, including its structural features, layout, and dimensions, by scanning the existing area and capturing accurate data. It precisely measures the building’s internal and external features. Our professional measured surveyors conduct the survey using and other scanning equipment. The data is processed for the production of detailed floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D models of the building.

      A measured building survey service is vital in any renovation or construction project. With accurate measurements of the building’s features, professionals create an accurate plan, estimate the project’s cost, or identify any potential issues that may arise during the project. Identify structural information, measurements, features and conditions to collaborate with those involved in your building project.

      Our Measured Building Survey Deliverables

      As a component of our Measured Building Survey services, we are equipped to provide a range of deliverables to meet your needs. These deliverables include:

      • Point Clouds
      • 2D drawings
      • 3D models in various formats
      • 3D Plant Models

      Our clients in Edinburgh

      A measured building survey provides architects, engineers, contractors, and property owners with accurate and reliable information about the building’s features, which is necessary for renovation, construction, or maintenance projects.


      Measured Survey Scanning in Edinburgh

      Thorough scanning for detailed plans, we ensure complete satisfaction when using our 3D laser scanning services.

      Benefits of choosing Edinburgh Measured Survey

      We deliver high-quality measured building surveys at Edinburgh Measured Survey that exceed our client’s expectations. We offer several benefits to our clients, including:

      Our team and expertise

      Our team comprises highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, with each member possessing the technical expertise, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills necessary to conduct accurate measured surveys.

      Our flexible hours

      We provide flexible service for all building projects, including commercial spaces and institutes. We commit to delivering high-standard measured survey service targeting all your needs.

      Our technology and equipment

      We use the latest technology to capture accurate data on the building’s features, creating detailed and accurate results. Our equipment is regularly maintained and updated to ensure reliability and precision.

      Our range of services

      We offer a range of services, including scan to CAD, 3D modelling, point cloud survey and more. Receive accurate and reliable information about the building’s features.

      Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

      Mark Roberts
      Mark Roberts
      My architectural firm requested an as-built survey at Edinburgh Measured Survey. Very efficient and responsive customer service. We enjoyed working with you guys! Surveyors are totally professional and accurate. Results received on time in high quality. Many thanks!
      Rachel White
      Rachel White
      Our construction company needed CAD drawings for our client’s project. We hired Edinburgh Measured Survey to complete this job. Incredibly professional surveyors, accurate drawings! Highly recommended!
      Richard Close
      Richard Close
      Edinburgh Measured Survey team is always professional and goes beyond expectations. We did several complex projects with them and it was always a pleasure to work together. Highly recommended.
      Paul Elliott
      Paul Elliott
      My engineering company has worked with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a complicated heritage project. Edunburgh Measured Survey team anticipated all of our requirements at a very high and professional standard! Received drawings were clear and delivered on time. I’d happily recommend them to everybody!
      Olivia Bennet
      Olivia Bennet
      We have been working with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a large restoration project. This team is a pleasure to work with. Very organized and professional. They exceeded our expectations.
      Amelia Taylor
      Amelia Taylor
      These guys are very professional and have reasonable prices. They have finished the survey on time and to an agreed schedule, very happy with their work, would highly recommend them!
      Harry Williams
      Harry Williams
      I’ve been using Edinburg measured survey in a professional capacity for over a year now, more than pleased by their quality and flexibility.

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      We carry out a thorough measured survey, so all information is captured and processed into reliably accurate data.

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      Our equipment is high-quality and advanced to deliver the results you need.

      Complete Detail

      We create as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models with detailed measurements through your scans.

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