Measured Building Survey Services

Measured Building Surveys

Find a trustworthy measured survey service in Edinburgh that will deliver you high-quality results using reputable technology, software and skill.

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Our team is dedicated, attentive and passionate in delivering all your requirements.

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We carry out a thorough measured survey so all information is captured and transformed into data.

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Our equipment is high-quality and advanced to deliver the results you need.

Complete Detail

We create as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models with detailed measurements through your scans.

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Our 3D laser scanning company uses FARO S70 to provide outstanding results when surveying and scanning your building site. We ensure that the accuracy is captured and translated into your deliverables, so you save time and money when completing your project.

Why use 3D Laser Scanning?

Measured Building Surveys and 3D laser scanning techniques have become an essential part of architects, interior designers, and technical consultant’s life as it provides immaculate results when completing a construction project. Say bye to blueprints and hello to as-built plans with incredible and reliable detail!


Measured Survey Scanning in Edinburgh

Thorough scanning for detailed plans, we ensure complete satisfaction when using our 3D laser scanning services.