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Find a scan-to-point cloud service which is reliable, authentic and complete as our team is combined with years of experience and knowledge, delivering high-quality data in Edinburgh.

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Accurate Data

Find a laser scanning company which creates accurate data and captures complete information in greyscale or colour.

Save Cost

Save time and money from our 3D Laser scanning services. Receive plans and models you can trust with the point cloud data.

Utmost Care

We provide you with the greatest care for any service you require. Our professionals will complete your registration swiftly and efficiently.

Trusted Software

We use the latest laser scanners and software to complete your building project and site survey.

Complete Survey Scan to Point Cloud

Complete your measured building survey, and we will deliver a single point cloud file in your chosen format to ease your project management and tracking. We provide 3D point cloud data on Webshare Cloud so you and your team may access and refer back to.

Complete Edinburgh Laser Scanning Services

Our point cloud data is the ideal starting point to complete fantastic as-built 2D floor plans, internal and external elevations and cross-sections. We transform your scans into a single point cloud file, offering you many possibilities for a successful project through the magic of 3D laser scanning.


Point Cloud in Edinburgh

Let us know your required level of detail and chosen format, and we will deliver top results for your 3D Point cloud data. Complete our online form today and request a quote!