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Underground Survey

Our underground survey services enable a clear picture of the subsurface utility infrastructures in the site and the location of utilities to generate a detailed map for use by the client in the planning process of a project. The mapping process reduces time spent on planning and design and lowers the risks of safety and health and the need for costly adjustments as the project progresses.

Benefits of Using Our Underground Survey Services:

High Standard Equipment

Our Edinburgh surveyors’ team uses the most advanced and powerful tools Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to obtain and analyse underground data to plan and execute your project.

Minimize Risks

Our Utility Mapping Survey provides you with the required confidence to proceed with your project as it eliminates any ‘surprises’ as the project progresses.

Complete Accuracy

We conduct real-time examination with camera images and, through on-site specialist software, provide full digital imagery. This ensures complete accuracy of our underground surveys.

Reliable Results

Our underground survey services provides you with the most reliable results presented in a complete and detailed technical report, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D Models ready for proceeding with your project.

Methods and Application of Underground Survey

Underground utility survey is done using two major equipments, namely the Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) and the Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML). GPR transmits an Electro-magnetic pulse at various frequencies into the ground, which are recorded on-site. The recorded sections of scanned data is assessed and analysed for possible targets using specialist software; from which output is integrated into a utility survey model and presented in a concise and easy-to-understand way.

Our Underground Survey Services across Edinburgh

We offer a wide range of underground surveys for detecting, verifying and locating underground utilities across Edinburgh. Our techniques for underground surveys provide for detailed understanding of underground conditions before doing any excavations, drilling, piling or boreholes on site. We have conducted several underground surveys across Edinburgh to identify safe areas ahead of impending invasive works. Receive the most advanced underground survey services beyond reproach; all in accordance with the BSI standards “PAS 128 – Specification for Underground Utility Detection”.

Mark Roberts
My architectural firm requested an as-built survey at Edinburgh Measured Survey. Very efficient and responsive customer service. We enjoyed working with you guys! Surveyors are totally professional and accurate. Results received on time in high quality. Many thanks!
Rachel White
Our construction company needed CAD drawings for our client’s project. We hired Edinburgh Measured Survey to complete this job. Incredibly professional surveyors, accurate drawings! Highly recommended!
Richard Close
Edinburgh Measured Survey team is always professional and goes beyond expectations. We did several complex projects with them and it was always a pleasure to work together. Highly recommended.
Paul Elliott
My engineering company has worked with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a complicated heritage project. Edunburgh Measured Survey team anticipated all of our requirements at a very high and professional standard! Received drawings were clear and delivered on time. I’d happily recommend them to everybody!
Olivia Bennet
We have been working with Edinburgh Measured Survey together on a large restoration project. This team is a pleasure to work with. Very organized and professional. They exceeded our expectations.
Amelia Taylor
These guys are very professional and have reasonable prices. They have finished the survey on time and to an agreed schedule, very happy with their work, would highly recommend them!
Harry Williams
I’ve been using Edinburg measured survey in a professional capacity for over a year now, more than pleased by their quality and flexibility.


Enquire about our underground survey services today! Our underground surveyors provide accurate results to all surveying services.