How 3D Laser Scanning Is Used in Crime Investigations

How 3D Laser Scanning Is Used in Crime Investigations

When you talk about Edinburgh 3D laser scanning, you don’t usually think about crime investigations. For many years, this type of technology has been used solely for engineering, construction and architectural projects because of its accuracy in taking measurements and the level of detail that it can provide through 3D BIM models.

But how exactly is 3D laser scanning used in these crime investigations?

Faster and more comprehensive data gathering

Crime investigators would agree that reconstructing a crime scene and gathering data can take a lot of time and manpower. That is why police spend hours combing through the area taking measurements to ensure that they can present the most accurate data in court to prove their case.

This is on top of processing the victim and everything else they need to do during an investigation.

But with the help of an Edinburgh 3D scanning company, measuring an area will only take minutes and no corners and details are missed to ensure that a proper representation of the crime scene can be re-created through a 3D BIM model that offers a clear picture of what really happened to the victim.

These measurements are not only limited to the area itself. In fact, this data can help determine bullet trajectories and other important details that are useful in crime investigation.

Safer mapping of crime scenes

Mapping a crime scene is extremely important but also very complicated. With traditional crime scene mapping, you have a lot of people involved in taking measurements and gathering evidence to help with the investigation.
While this method has been used for many years, bringing more people in a crime scene can also be unsafe and it can cause evidence to be contaminated, which can hamper the findings of investigators.

But with the help of 3D laser scanning, crime scenes can now be mapped by only one person and within just minutes, which reduces any risks on investigators while still ensuring that accurate data will be gathered to help solve a case.

Convenient revisiting of a crime scene

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of laser scanning in crime investigation is the fact that authorities can re-visit a crime scene without going back to the real location.

With the help of 3D laser scanning for investigation, an investigation can be conducted thoroughly using a 3D representation of a crime scene. This allows investigators to give a more accurate report on a case and help the court understand their point better.

Present the views of witnesses and the authorities

One of the biggest challenges in solving a crime is making the court understand the point of view of the authorities who responded to the crime and the witnesses who were there when it was committed.

Telling a story alone or making a statement may not be enough to convince the court of validity of the crime to convict a suspect.

This is where an Edinburgh laser scanning company can help because it can render a highly accurate image of not only the crime scene itself but also the exact scenario when it happened from the point of view of witnesses and the authorities.

When this is presented in court, it’s easier to visualise first-hand accounts and make the case more compelling for authorities because you are getting a highly accurate representation of how the crime unfolded.

The takeaway

Crime scene investigation has definitely been changed a lot by the use of Edinburgh 3D laser scanning technology that doesn’t only help investigators create a more accurate case with the help of a realistic 3D BIM model, but also protect them from the hazards of processing a crime scene.

It also helps that a lot of companies are now offering reliable laser scanning for investigation and other related services.

If you’re interested in Edinburgh 3D laser scanning for crime scene investigation and other applications, check out our range of services at Edinburgh Measured Survey today.


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