How Is Artificial Intelligence Used In Construction Building Projects?

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used In Construction Building Projects?

Artificial intelligence is here to stay – in the past few years, there have been enormous leaps and bounds in AI development. Machine learning can be of fantastic use across all kinds of industries and projects, and it is very quickly becoming a leading standard in construction.

But – how is AI impacting on building projects right now? Why are construction companies making such a fuss about AI at all? Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on what to expect.

How Is AI Changing Building Projects And Planning?

To understand the why of AI use, we have to firstly understand where it is being put to use in the here and now. It’s a misconception to assume that architects are only looking to use artificial intelligence in the future. AI use is all around us.

For example, we are already seeing AI emerge in robotics across the construction industry. Construction companies are using robotic devices to help handle menial tasks – such as building tools, laying walls, and more besides. Machine learning is incredibly useful – it means that even the busiest of construction or building teams can effectively delegate the nitty gritty to a robot or two!

There is also the matter of build design variation. Through BIM models, for example, AI could help to generate potential outcomes and final designs far ahead of project completion. Instead of working from a basic design or risky plan, architects can now rely on AI-backed BIMs to ascertain which way certain projects will end up.

This is only scratching the surface – project management professionals and facility managers are already using Ai the world over to help plan ahead as well as to reduce human intervention and oversight.

Why Is AI Such A Big Deal In Construction?

Artificial intelligence is helping to make construction and planning that little bit more efficient and cost-effective. You can use precedents set by machine learning to easily calculate how much building material you will need for a given project, for example.

You could also use AI to help mitigate the level of risk you may face when setting up any kind of build project on-site. Often, risk assessments can take a long time to file – and what’s more, there are plenty of unthinkable outcomes when you consider taking the absolute most dangerous risks.

Of course, those within the AEC industry may also use AI and machine learning to take away jobs from people who are more efficient working elsewhere on the production line. There are always going to be a few jobs where manual handling will be slower compared to machine manipulation.

You must also consider how much money AI could generate for construction companies. By taking away process and production time, you could effectively free up more time to take on more projects, and therefore more revenue. What’s more, robotics and AI are likely to create bespoke solutions that are accurate within minute detail – great for customers!

What’s The Future Of Construction And AI?

Here at Edinburgh Measured Survey, we are already seeing big trends sweeping in with AI and machine learning. We are already using a variety of software and suites that are helping to make our processes more efficient and more accurate.

We already use top industry tools such as Revit software to automate as many of our processes as we possibly can. We understand that our customers and clients are looking for impeccable project support to timescales they can feasibly depend on.

We believe that artificial intelligence will help construction experts and designers produce more accurate plans, and take away time-consuming labour – for many years to come. That’s certainly not to suggest that all of our jobs will be swallowed up by robots! We have seen the great things that machines are already doing for us, and we’re very excited to embrace the future.

If you’d like to know more about how AI and machine learning could help to support your future projects, make a point to get in touch with the team at Edinburgh Measured Survey right now. We’ll put you in touch with an experienced team and professional tools you can rely on!


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