What to expect from a 3D Laser Scanning company?

What to expect from a 3D Laser Scanning company?

3D Laser Scanning technology is a non-intrusive method to digitally capture information of a physical object such as a building or site area. 3D Laser scanning technology has been used within several businesses and by many AEC industry professionals such as architects, interior designers, property, and project managers and many more.

Our 3D laser scanning company carries out measured building surveys to create 3D point cloud data using 3D laser scanners. This results in capturing data to create as built 2D drawings and 3D Models. Why is it useful? It provides excellent deliverables to complete and elevate the process of your building project. Here is Edinburgh Measured Survey process and services.

Measured Building Survey

The first look into our 3D laser scanning services is completing a measured building survey scan. Measured Surveys accurately gathers data, measurement, and captures the features of the current state of your building or property. Our surveyors use FARO equipment to complete your measured building scan in Edinburgh, due to its accuracy, reliability and high-quality in capturing information. The laser scanner works by sending a laser beam to the surrounding objects and measuring the distance together with rotation angle data through the equipment’s head.

The camera captures many scan images with the specified colour information, compiling many point cloud data compressed into one point cloud file, ready to import into different software.

3D Point Cloud

Point cloud data is the product of the survey, the result of building millions of measured points to obtain all images from the specified survey. Each point contains information about its position within the space, as well as the colour and level of reflectivity of the measured object. 3D point cloud becomes the perfect base to create your deliverables, as the data’s accuracy is immaculate. If you only require 3D point cloud service, Edinburgh Measured survey delivers your point cloud data in your requested format and using WebShare Cloud, so you have complete access to the point cloud.

As built 2D drawings

As-built 2D Floor Plan

Our as built 2D drawing services uses AutoCAD software to complete your floor plans, attic plans, ceilings plans, external and internal elevations, and cross-sections. Our as built plans are comprehensive and complete with high-quality data to ensure you minimise the risk of human error for your building project. Completing as-built 2D drawings through a 3D laser scanning company guarantees a cost-effective and swift solution to managing and progressing in your building and construction project. Our technicians are sure to deliver impeccable plans with the requested level of detail and format the client determines. This 3D Laser scanning service is one of Edinburgh and the UK’s most popular, becoming a reliable asset and requirements to all professionals.

3D BIM Models

Scan-to-BIM involves scanning a physical site or space and replicating it digitally using Revit software. This service allows you to receive a digital representation of your site and building, as you use 3D point cloud as a background reference for modelling. Why is this laser scanning service extremely beneficial?

It creates higher accuracy results than traditional methods, and it allows the improvement of collaboration and optimisation to the building project you are working on. With unmatchable complexity of 3D information, you create non-invasive and reliable methods to see your project’s progress visibly and tangibly, without the cost of travelling on site and wasting time. Revit models allow you to coordinate on the planning, design, and construction of a building within one data file. Allow professionals to collaborate easier through this fantastic and lifechanging service by 3D laser scanning technology.

Edinburgh Measured survey delivers excellent alternatives in 3D laser scanning and allows you to progress and complete your project through our reliable services successfully. Are you looking to produce as-built 2D plans of your business or home? Contact us today and complete our online form for a free no-obligation quote!


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